Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A-Free-ca Nation!!

Three Pillars of the Liberal Peace
Men have an inherent ineptitude for understanding feminine humour... so is the case with my partner Sumeet... he happened to chance upon my blog the other day to which he stated:

Sumeet: Your blog is nothing but cheap babble...

Sujata: I cater to the masses.

Sumeet: it’s dirty pervert humour.

Sujata: I’m honest

Sumeet: But you are doing masters in International Politics... you mind writing some       intellectual stuff...

Sujata: I am an aberration...

But to this I was challenged that I can’t survive a full page of politics... so here comes my latent dose of ‘The senses and the sensibilities’...

A recently attended conference on the future of Africa left me wondering how my brain and shoe size haven’t grown in decades now... this was that sort of conference where cerebral matter is free flowing just like beer in the October Fest.

There was a dainty-Danish policy-maker. Put her through a calculator along with the car she came in and she would work out to be costlier than India’s annual education budget. Then there was this stark white male politician from the UK... recently washed with fabric whitener... his face sat in embarrassing contrast to the African billionaire turned social worker at the other end of the panel.

The Mr. Britain was insistent on making donations to which Mr. Billionaire turned social worker was readily giving acceptances and why not should they?!!

Even the beggar I see crawling all-over the Romford Train station every morning... has a steel (not steal) purple shuffle I-pod nano with Radio Dammit!! Can you imagine the unthinkable amount of wealth in the British coffers? Makes me appreciate PM Brown’s nonchalance at the World Economic Forum this year... the only man in history to ever have his phone go abuzz in the middle of his own speech!!

Ms. Great Dane was unrelenting in her support for the donations likewise... this pocket size nation has lately started to jump for attention in the world arena graduating from chocolates to bottles of whisky when it flared it’s flag on a 3 km. long stretch of an island in the middle of the Arctic. So much so for their imperialist drills... and with Copenhagen set as the background for the forthcoming political photo-ops... Ms. Dane is buzzing with pride. These free dollars she offered to aid the Rip Van Winkle-ism of A-FREE-ca was only less than her pocket change. And all were happy in this ‘ring-a-ring-a-roses, with their pockets full of posies’

A-FREE-cans get some more years of paid-for-holiday, World Bank and IMF can say poverty is reducing in world’s second largest continent. Diplomats, journalists and social workers can make leisure-family trips to this land of the great apes and ‘we’, the bunch of goons sitting and witnessing this exchange of tax payer’s money can rest assure that a fruitful day has passed... where we saw some big-shots and got our photographs taken with them... something to be proud of in life!!   

The era of utilitarianism has seen another rising sun... Amen!