Wednesday, October 20, 2010

When the Defence budget got cut, Victoria's Secret was lost!

Almost daily as I sit vegetating on my bed, waiting to get an e-mail from some potential employer, I chat up with an odd friend on g-talk. This time around my friend Devjyot... to whom I crib ever so often about the in-variability of life... was introduced to a surprise novelty factor... the element of variability in my life... Dev in his regular fashion enquired “How is London?” and I was most eagerly awaiting this question... so I could tell the tale of the stolen Victoria’s secret.

As winters slowly discredit the morning sunshine and the rains begin to apprehend the cheerful London summers ... 

 people are doing anything to break from monotony... Some such people in London are on the lookout for old jockey undergarments bought at discount price from a small shop in New Delhi’s Pahad Ganj area... with a generous number of Victoria’s original secrets. About half past midnight this last Sunday, one of these Londoners... let lose in London, ofcourse... happened to chance upon my two full machine-lots of washed clothes hanging outside on our washing line... AND STOLE THEM.

The Met Police in this case is a classic example of youth acne... just as helpless or maybe more. They come, they listen, empathise, write the report and say that's the best we can do... try not drying your clothes anymore [read: “try wearing wet underpants”]”

Welcome to the developed Western super-power... with the defence budget getting the beating from the Coalition government, self defence is increasingly becoming difficult here.

Now you might wonder in wonderment...why anybody would waste time on complaining theft of underpants...  the reason being my wish to meet someone more jobless than myself... considering the number of k[night]hoods our British system endows on lame candidates... our dear night thief could be of worthy contention.

In the end however, this episode did me some solid good. An intensely loyal hater of house chores, I had to regularly conjure excuses to elude collecting clothes from the washing line... at least this once I’d have to never pick them up ever again...

Long live the British Empire and its Defence cuts!